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DEMOS: A Discovery Journey in Thouars

A Musical and Orchestral Education System with a Social Vocation

Over the past three years, the Philharmonie de Paris, Ars Nova, and the Pôle culture / Conservatoire de musiques et de danses de Thouars have worked together toward developing this large-scale artistic and cultural democratization project, centred around the practice of orchestral music. Seven federations of communes are gathered around Thouars to guide 102 children along a discovery journey themed on a contemporary DEMOS.
Further to drawing on the repertoire of the great musical heritage, all Démos orchestras open up to contemporary creation in the third year. Ars Nova’s collaboration with the Thouars Démos brings a contemporary touch from year one.

In addition to discovering and playing classical instruments, the 102 children will design and build “sound instruments” from recycled materials. Young Colombian composer Violeta Cruz will write a contemporary piece for the orchestra of instruments inouïs (incredible instruments). With this in mind, Violeta has invited Lutheries Urbaines, a collective that helps children make such small-scale instruments. A concert mixing “sound instruments”, classical instruments, and voice performed by the children will be held in spring 2019.
Partnering Bodies:
Conservatoire de musiques et de danses du Thouarsais (Deux-Sèvres), La Communauté de Communes du Thouarsais, La Cité de la Musique-Philharmonie de Paris, Ars Nova, and Lutheries Urbaines.
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